By Choosing Maid Brigade,

You Can Help One Very Special Local Organization.

Maid Brigade is proud to announce an alliance with the Oregon Humane Society here in Portland.  Maid Brigade loves our four-legged clients too!

Any new client that calls and mentions this charity alliance, Maid Brigade will give 10% of their initial deep cleaning price directly to The Oregon Humane Society in Portland, OR.

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Maid Brigade.  Your Home Cleaner. With every cleaning: Your Community. Better.

Green Clean Certified



Green Certified Seal

This Maid Brigade office is proud to be a Maid Brigade Green Clean Certified office! Maid Brigade developed a Green Cleaning system to respond to the growing evidence that traditional home cleaning methods do not promote a healthy home or a healthy environment. We’ve achieved our certification and have “gone green” to protect the health and well-being of you and your family. For more information, please click on the Green Clean logo on the top of the page, or call our office.

We offer the most valuable amenity there is – TIME! There’s cleaning your home and then there’s the other part of our job – the job of making it easy for you in every way. That’s what makes Maid Brigade different from every other home cleaning service in Portland. For instance, if you contact your Maid Brigade of Portland office via email, rest assured, we’ll get back to you promptly. Unique to Maid Brigade of Portland is our ability to customize each and every client’s cleaning to suit your individual needs, whenever you like. Our mission is to clean your home the way you would clean it yourself and to provide you the confidence to trust us with the care of your home.

478 NE 219th Ave.         Gresham, OR 97030